For Stylish Travel, Tech Smart Luggage

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

At the beginning of the month the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced new guidelines that reduced the size of the bags that we are able to carry on to our flights. With the allowance already at a minimal, the new bag rules demanded that each passenger was allowed 55cm x 35cm x 19cm versus the current 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. The IATA’s announcement caused a travellers  Révolution Française, which quickly led to the Airline group quickly scrapping the idea 7 days later.

The Passenger Revolution overturned the original decision and avoided unnecessary turmoil.  #CarryOnCaseGate was a shortlived drama that on a positive note inspired us to look into maybe upgrading our ordinary carry on to a new stylish tech travel friendly case, not because they demand that we do but because we choose too.  Our Top 3 are:

BLUESMART is all about travelling with a smarter innovative companion. The sleek bag boasts revolutionary features that include digital lock, battery charger and location tracking. Another perk is the ability to control your suitcase from an app, allowing you to receive smart alerts and track all you travel data so you can get insights about your travel habits. Our favourite has to be the built-in scale. It lets you know ahead of time whether your bag meets the airline cabin requirements. You can pre-order this bad boy for a price of 329 euros.

BlueSmart luggage

Say ‘hello’ to BIOCASE a brand that has been described as being at the forefront of innovation and technology. The  (nearly) indestructible BioCase is made from 100% German polycarbonate and has a telescopic handle system, a cushioned TPR grip and a push-button lock. Their “OMG” feature is the 8 fingerprint memory access. The Biocase also brags a USB cord, a power adapter and a fully lined interior. The BioCase is all about multi-use, easy packing and multi-functions that complement the lifestyle of a modern day traveller. Usually priced at $4200, it is available on Amazon for the more affordable price of $549.00.

BioTech luggage

Although it is yet to hit the market, we are already in love with this beautifully made luggage by Delsey. Two years in the making PLUGGAGE, is a self sufficient pulley bag that weighs itself, charges phones and forecasts the weather- making it the perfect travelling partner.

Whats makes the Delsey product great is that they are creating it with the consumer in mind, something that usually lacks in technology. We love that they have given the consumer the power to choose which features should be included in the final design. Choices are: Auto weight, Instant Battery reload, On-board detection, Inside Lighting system, Flight Info, Fingerprint ID, Check Lock, Weather Forecast, Inside Speaker and Trip Info

We wonder can we be a total divas and ask for them all? They cannot give us such great choices and then ask us to choose a few. RRP is yet to be confirmed, so watch this space!



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