Bluetooth Beanie, The Epitome of Cool?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Some people can command the words hip and cool by simply adorning the fashionable Bluetooth Beanie hat. These are the people and the fans of the beanie that I am specifically writing too with some exciting news.

You can now be fashionably tech in a Bluetooth Beanie. The everyday beanie has evolved to become a no-iPod-needed device that will allow you to control your music on the go. How? Well this wearable tech apparel from TRNDlabs has been designed and developed so the wearer can not only listen to music but can also take calls pretty much hands free.


All you have to do is sync your beanie with a Bluetooth compatible phone. Following this, you can then use the buttons of the Bluetooth Beanie on the outer seam of the hat to change songs, control volume and make calls using the built in microphone.

When it comes to the battery, it has a 60 hour standby time or 6 hours of continuous music or talking. The Bluetooth connection works in a 33 foot (10 meter) range, which should give you freedom and versatility.

Other specs for this one size fits all beanie are:
– Material: Heavy-Grade Acrylic Blend (60% Acrylic / 40% Polyester)
– Bluetooth: V3.0
– Sound: Stereo (2 speakers)
– Transmission Distance: 33 feet (10 meters)
– Li-ion Battery: 3.7V/120mA
– Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
– Talk / Listen Time: 6 Hours
– Standby Time: 60 Hours

Bluetooth Beanie

When you purchase the beanie you can expect to receive a Bluetooth Beanie, a Micro-USB Charging Cable and an Instruction Manual.

We think it is a great idea. Why? Because it grabs the attention of the youth and introduces them to wearable tech in a language they understand ‘cool’! It is also convenient and useful for those cold winter months when your Bluetooth Beanie becomes your best friend. Are you sold on it?

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