War Of The Fitness Wearables

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

The world of wearables is growing fast and furiously. We are barely half way through 2015 and almost 50 million wearables have already been shipped worldwide. The International Data Corporation forecasts that this is a number that will continue to grow.

With the biggest international players offering simple to feature rich wearables, invest time in researching the various brands currently available. Make sure you concentrate on the product range, its functionality, the design, the price and whether the device is popular with other users. It is these points that will make sure that you end up with a fitness wearable that is suitable for YOU.

If you are wondering where to start, allow us to recommend 3 different fitness wearables that are available at different price points to suit all budgets.

MI FITNESS BAND: This cheap and cheerful fitness band is one of China’s popular brands. For the very affordable price of 12USD, you can track your fitness and sleeping data.  The band is compatible with both Android and iOS.

MISFIT SHINE: For an investment price of 99USD, Misfit has made a strong name for itself in the world of fitness wearables. The device tracks multiple activities that include running, swimming and sleeping. Popular with sport enthusiasts, Misfit is compatible with both android and iOS.

ATLAS WEARABLE: Invest in the Atlas. It is a wristband that identifies your exercises, calculates calories burned and counts your reps and sets. The Water resistant fitness tracker is your coach when you are in the pool doing your laps. It is your biggest cheerleader too because it learns about you via Atlas algorithms that build the analytics you need to bring you closer to your fitness goals. Priced at 249USD the Atlas is currently available on pre-order.

War Of The Fitness Wearables

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