Styling The Fest-Tech Trend

Styled By Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Coachella kicked of the Festival season this past weekend with a big celeb bang. It gave us a peep into the trends taking the festival music scene by storm in 2015. Among those trends is the fashion forward Fest-Tech trend.

FEST TECH EDITThe Fest-Tech trend is all about fashion wearables that you can easily (and sometimes affordably) wear to complement your festival look. From fitness trackers to smart jewellery, we are happy to say that adorning one of these drool-worthy accessories is quickly becoming all the rage among fashion forward celebrities. As the market grows, so does our choices of what we can accessorize our looks with. Thankfully, they are not all rubbery bracelets, instead we can indulge in striking rings, fashionable bracelets and of course the Apple watch.

We have styled our celeb festival edit with Fest-Tech accessories that are definitely more GeekChic than just simply geek. Because in the fast moving world we now live in, fashion is no longer just about clothes and accessories looking ‘cute’, it is now more about adorning something that offers you the luxury of stylish convenience.

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