Kid Smart Shoes With Heart

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

When we heard about a new innovative children’s shoe that grows as they grow, how could we not want to learn more about a kid smart shoes with heart.

Kid Smart Shoes With Heart

The Shoe That Grows is a great invention that is perfect for school age kids. Created to accommodate children’s growing feet, the ‘smart shoe’ is a practical foot accessory that can grow up to five sizes. There was no cutting corners, the shoe has been made of quality materials of leather, compressed rubber and snaps.


What we think makes this easy to clean shoe stand out is the fascinating story behind the incredible design. Whilst living and working in Nairobi Founder and Executive Director Kenton Lee had a light bulb moment that inspired him to design a shoe that has “no mechanical parts of gears to break”. He wanted to create “innovative products that can help people living in extreme poverty around the world, helping them in really simple, practical ways.”


Lee’s objective was to solve a problem that was affecting billions of children living in extreme poverty. He had noticed that many children had to go to school barefoot, which put them at risk of being infected with soil-transmitted parasites and diseases. Taking note, he decided that he wanted to make a change, and the end result was a patented design that ensured that kids will have shoes that will easily fit their fast-growing feet.


When it comes to shoes for children, it is about practicality but in the case of The Shoe That Grows it is also about heart, how can you not love that? For a $10 pledge, you can send a pair of shoes to a child in need, all you have to do is DONATE HERE.

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