Is Samsung Apple Watch’s Silent Assassin?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Is Samsung Apple Watch’s Silent Assassin? With the release of the Apple Watch looming, Samsung is proving to be the little engine that could. They have released a multiple of ‘wearables’ that have unfortunately failed to impress. Now it seems that they are putting more effort into becoming one of the front runners in the fast growing wearable tech industry.  First reported last month, the whispers in the tech world were that Samsung’s first circular smartwatch was to be unveiled at MWC 2015. Boasting a traditional watch face, it promised to be the ultimate all in one device.


Once known as ‘code name’ Orbis, the new smartwatch will now go by its new name Gear A. It will be available in two versions,  one that only offers Wi-Fi connectivity and another that has 3G support, complete with voice calling. The rumours are that the main U.S. carriers will have the 3G-enabled model in stock, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.


So et tu Samsung? We feel like Caeser to your Brutus. Hopefully you will not get us all excited with your cloak and dagger PR tactics, only to leave us stunned and disappointed with what you put forward. We will wait with baited breath for the price and release date of Gear A, but for now we will soothe our impatience with your ‘nemesis’ Apple, who are taking pre-orders for the Watch from April 10th 2015.

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