When Tech Collab Screams “Fashion Doesnt Live Here”

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

When Pvilion partnered up with Tommy Hilfiger to design and produce a Solar Powered Jacket, we thought this could be something! Usually when a fashion label and a non-fashion company decide to do a collab it can go one of two ways, wonderfully right or dreadfully wrong.

So who are Pvlilion? Well they design and manufacture flexible PV solar structures and products. Together with Hilfiger they decided to produce a product that features removable solar panels to provide energy that would power electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


Fashionably convenient, we smiled at the thought of owning a limited edition jacket that boasts detachable Pvilion solar panels that snap easily on and off. We embraced the idea of wearing a speciality jacket with a cable running discreetly through the garment’s lining, connecting the panels to a removable battery pack in the jacket’s front pocket that can be charged via a laptop or external power outlet.

The water resistant, lightweight removable solar panel jacket was created with flexible amorphous silicon technology developed by Pvilion, so when it is exposed to full sunlight, the high output solar cells can fully charge the battery pack.

The reason for this #TBT of Tommy Hilfilger|Pvlilion collab is mainly because with Fashion Week still being enjoyed by the Choo wearing fashionistas we have started to wonder, where is our side of fash meets tech collab this season? We are not talking about another revisit to what Rebecca Minkoff or Tory Burch have already been given column inches for, we are thinking more along the lines of Iris Van Herpen. Come on fashion, its 2015, the year of ideas being realised, so if all we have to look forward to is another Tommy Hilfilger X Pvlilion jacket that screams “Fashion Doesnt Live Here”, then (sigh)…

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