Styling Ms Tech Jewellery

Styled by Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Ms Tech jewellery has been beautifully styled as part of a look that will compliment your everyday work outfit with stylish ease.

Styling Ms Tech Jewellery
Embrace your inner power woman in a Ms Tech is a smart necklace. When connected to your smart phone it will track your activity and let you know how many calories you have burnt. Boasting zircon embedded gold, how can you say no to this rather attractive waterproof necklace. I mean, you do not even have to take it off, because it also tracks your sleep. Now to think,  with the day outfit sorted which night wear can I buy to match my wearable necklace.

Ms Tech is available for a very affordable price of $33. Shop Joana Almagro and Vielma at Wolf & Badger, and grab the sandals at River Island.

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