Can’t Wait? Design Your AppleWatch Now

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

By now we can actually say it. The AppleWatch is coming out next month. Prior to the release of the device that will wake up the wearable tech market, there is a website (Spotted by The Verge) that isn’t in any way affiliated with Apple inc, that lets you play around with the looks of the new smart watch. A great way for those who are already wondering which color or material to pick. Mix Your Apple Watch

Since Apple hasn’t informed any of us about how the future will look like for the Apple Watch in the context of upgrades. The golden timepiece might be incredibly outdated by the time AppleWatch3 comes out, which subsequently would stop me from buying the 18k gold watch. Next Monday will be another Apple event called ‘Spring Forward’. I won’t be surprised to hear something that will make Apple-groupies happy. Knowing that the best news would be a longer battery-life. I hope Apple developers will stumble upon this site themselves and perceive this as a great opportunity to stand still and think about offering consumers the possibility to make their own design. Can’t wait for my tailor-made Mad-Max look.

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Source: The Verge