AmbyGear, Peace of Mind For ‘The Hardest Task’ In Life

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Before the AmbyGear Smart Watch launched their Indiegogo campaign there had been a fair amount of media attention. The wearable-tech device aims to make parenting a lot easier by offering peace of mind in probably life’s hardest task, the upbringing of our children. The tracking of your kids will give you a good chance in the case of an emergency which is just one of the features AmbyGear has thought about. It is this feature that makes this device move away from being a simple prisoner ankle monitor. We, at FashNerd, wrote about them earlier and now their Indiegogo campaign is live.

Meet Ambygear


Now the kid in me would most definitely love to show off the camouflage model to all my friends and it shouldn’t be too much of a task to explain the smart watch’s bulky-ness to a 6 year old. I do wonder how this campaign or rather the product itself will eventually position itself in the market. It will be interesting to see if parents can be too sensitive about sharing their level of concern to their circle. In other words, be conscience about the fact that others might perceive them of being control freaks. Regardless of that I can imagine AmbyGear offering a great solution for those parents who feel it is simply ridiculous to have their child walking around with a mobile phone, because they are simply to young to be exposed to that level of media technology, but still want to make use of some of the convenience that technology is offering these days.

AmbyGear Watch

Whats also interesting is how AmbyGear is trying to differentiate themselves from the competition with the reward system. They added a form of gamification with educational purposes, which rewards kids when, for example, they are on time or to motivate them to stay active. A smart way to make these fraggles feel good about themselves and teaching them some life lessons.

The device runs on iOS and Android apps and offers 7 days of battery-life on one charge. According to their timeline on Indiegogo, early birds should expect to receive their first watch around august 2015 at a price of $99.


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