Skullcandy Holla’s At The Divas

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Skullcandy have designed some super stylish must haves for fashionable divas (and some divos) who are simply not tempted by whats on offer at the moment.


The feminine Knockout On-Ear Headphones have been created to appeal, and visually they appeal. Promising us a product designed for “female-specific tuning built from the ground up to produce cleaner, deeper bass and natural sounding vocals”- we wonder is this really so? Because us women want it all. We want our headphones to look good, be comfortable, sound good and be durable. We wonder whether Skullcandy can really tick all these boxes?


Taking a closer look, Skullcandy’s headband and ear cups do promise a comfortable fit. Also, the Pureclean ear pads have been designed to resist make-up residue and germs- now that is a perk. Boasting edge over the current competition, the fashion forward girly headphones sport a three-button in-line remote with mic that allows the wearer to take calls with their iOS phone (we are waiting on confirmation on whether they work with an Android phone too).

The only negative is that, for the music loving divas, the headphones are not the best build quality. You do not get the balanced audio experience you might expect. The in-line headphone cable has to be jammed into the ear cup tightly or you’ll experience static or a dead ear cup.


Included with the headphones is a wristlet case which is the perfect home for the cable which detaches and leaving enough room for the headphone which folds up and fits in snugly into the case. Available at $99, the Knockout On-Ear Headphones for Women come in 3 trendsetting styles, beautiful Floral with words of wisdom for women sprinkled on and around the headphones, classic Quilted Black, and stylish Robin/Purple.

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