Richard Nicoll’s Tinkerbell – Inspired Dress Lights

The year was 2014, and the designer was Richard Nicoll. The talented Central St Martins graduate mesmerized his FROW with a stunning illuminated garment that proved to be the London Fashion Week star of the runway.

Richard Nicoll, Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection in London

Created with a fabric called Lumigram, a fiber optic textile, the slip dress was forged from a network of fibre optic cables. Bragging high powered LEDs sewn into the fabric, Nicoll’s design was all about when technology met fluidity. The dress, created in partnership with Disney, was reminiscent of a jellyfish, hence the name The Jellyfish Dress.

When it comes to the main technical specs of the dress there isn’t much that the dress can do. The slip, which operated on a small battery, is not a connected wearable, nor did it aim to be. It was not designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, instead Nicoll designed The Jellyfish Dress so you stand out beautifully!

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