Rent An AppleWatch?

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Last week we wrote about Lumoid. The company, thats backed by Y-Combinator, was the first that offered consumers a try before you buy for initially camera-equipment but saw an opportunity to add wearables to their assortment. Now according to our NBC news colleagues, Lumoid has plans to rent out Apple Watches as part of its WearableTech rental program for consumers, said Aarthi Ramamurthy, Lumoid’s CEO and founder.


So this would mean that when the AppleWatch will be available in April this year American consumers should be able to rent the iWatch for an amount of $20 for a full week. A fee that would be scrubbed if one decides to buy on of the 5 devices that can be rented at once. So there’s your immediate chance to compare the Apple Watch to the Moto360. Since this seems a good amount of time to actually get a good impression of different devices when compared… Where can we sign?



Other product that could be a try before you buy item are for example a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro for $45 per day and a Polaroid Cube camera for $4 per day or even the Google Glass Explorer Edition for $18 per day.

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