Workplace Friendly FB Launches

Following its launch back in 2004, Facebook became so fashionable, that you were nobody unless you were changing your status and letting your network of friends know how fabulous you are.

Ten years later, Facebook is introducing ‘Facebook at Work’.  Still in its early development, this new office focused app is being pitched as a productivity tool that will help businesses operate more efficiently.


Currently, the app is only accessible to a limited number of companies involved in the pilot. The companies will get to experience the app first hand with the confidence of knowing that the look and feel of it is just like the regular Facebook. Boasting no ads, the Facebook at Work’s objective is to eliminate the need for endless emails, instead staff will benefit from using existing features that they are likely already familiar with whilst knowing that any sensitive data posted will not be accessible or visible to people outside the company.

Facebook’s strength was built by the younger technology bred generation, so I think that it will be a challenge for Facebook to convince old school businesses to leave the bigger and better Microsoft and Google and step into the world of Zuckerberg.