What We Should Have Seen At CES 2015

Mano ten Napel | Mano10Napel

Never before did the International Consumer Electronics show (CES) get this much attention. Even the big boys from the car industry decided to announce their concept cars in Vegas this year. It was where Audi’s car was being summoned with the help of an LG SmartWatch. Where Mercedes showed off it’s self-driving car that could also be the worlds most modern boardroom. Then of course there was the new up and coming technologies like Wearables and Nearables (IoT) that were ready to steal the show. Normally you would expect a new screen technology from the latest flagship of a TV brand that would receive somes ooooh’s and aahhh’s,  but instead we saw some Intel-CEO holding up a teeny meeny button that was actually a new chip with a wearable computer.

To be honest it was a little too much for me to bear especially when I read what the biggest 10 tech news sites listed as the 10 best things CES had to offer, there seemed to be no clarity. The best 10 list, ended up exposing me to the 100 best, with no universal agreement. This therefore means  that not one particular product really proved to be the one that stood out of the crowd. So I guess will take it upon myself to pick what should have been the best product at CES 2015.

What was the most important thing that I wanted to see? Well I expected a lot and instead read about nothing in particular at all. What I expected to see was a device that consumers would need the most, something that is driven by a consumers needs and will quite easily make the 10 best list of the majority of tech sites. So what would solve the greatest problem? What device, service or technology could be that groundbreaking that it would shake up the tech industry? In my opinion it should be something that will bring us closer to solving the biggest problem of the industry- meet the Privacy Dashboard.


The Privacy dashboard is a virtual gate and hardware device tailor made for each individual. It will be programmed to decide precisely which personal data is to be shared with a smart device, wearable or nearable, that is connected to the internet. You will be able to use it in the house, on the go, wherever privacy is needed. The gate will connect to different platforms no matter which language or protocol is used. Every data needs to pass the gate anyway. The dashboard, available in many sizes and colors ,will not only solve a problem apparent to most of us, it will universally make the 10 best list as the most sought after product.



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