Time For Nesting

Now owned by Google,  Nest, which can be controlled from a mobile app, is a thermostat that adjusts heating and cooling based on usage patterns and billing rates. Nest has branched out into “smart” smoke detectors too, with competition from the likes of Netatmo and many other smart-home solutions.

Nest (IoT)


In Las Vegas at CES 2015 the smart home device maker also teamed up with Automatic, a company that developed a smart car monitor that works with an app that checks your driving behavior, logs fuel efficiency and trip costs. The collaboration with Nest makes it possible to control the thermostat wherever you drive.

UPDATE: 3 June 2016: The CEO of Google’s home automation company, Nest, Tony Fadell has quit. The announcement was made today but he will remain as an advisor to Alphabet and CEO Larry Page. 

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