Tesco’s Google Glass Is Half Full

Your weekly food shop experience will never be the same again. Tesco has announced that they are introducing a new shopping app that will work with Google Glass.


Tesco-Extra-Sandhurst-e1401352943223-680x365If you are one of the many who does their grocery shopping online, you will certainly love the new ‘Tesco Grocery’ app. In the comfort of your own home, you can use the app with Google Glass to place your food order by simply scanning the barcodes of the products around the house. Customers are able to then review their order by computer, tablet or mobile.  The app also allows you to peruse prices and nutritional information.

Developed by Tesco Labs, the core function of the app is that it was created to specifically be a standalone commerce platform. Innovation engineer at Tesco Lab Pablo Coberly states: “its functionality is different, and more inmmediate. It complements other devices and integrates shopping into everyday life because products can be ordered or added as and when customers realise they need replacing”. 


With the function kept intentionally basic, Tesco will be the first British food retailer to introduce such an app to its consumers. Tesco has not disclosed the amount invested in developing the app, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding shows that they have taken into account consumer needs and convenience, making it a positive step in the direction of future technology.