Something Beautiful, Swiss and Wearable Demands Attention

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Beautiful, Swiss-made (in Le Locle, Switzerland) and stylish, the Withings’ Activite is Fitbit Charge’s more expensive distant cousin.

Better looking with a classic edge,  the Activité “beats Fitbit at its own game”. The fancy Miro watch can track steps, take note of calories burned and check overall activity. Withings Activité is an amazing fitness tracker that is unafraid to also be a beautiful watch.

withings-activite watch

Every aspect of this timepiece spells ‘investment accessory. From its creamy white face, shining dials, and 316L stainless steel case, makes this minimalistic, slightly masculine watch, expensive at triple the price of many other fitness trackers.

Withings Activité | $450.00

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