Recharged In 2 Minutes? Sign Me Up!

storedot-charger-mem-4-485x250-cHow great would it be if we could charge our mobile phone in under 2 minutes? By the time you put your coat and shoes on your phone is charged- amazing.

Well reality, such a device is not too far away. At CES, StoreDot the company behind this well researched idea, showcased their lab based prototype. The nanotech startup introduced a stylish device that will not bulk up your phone. Demonstrating its capabilities, they showed how a Galaxy S5 battery went from almost empty to 100% full in less than 2 minutes- impressive.

The nanotechnology company uses ground-breaking technology, based on its discovery of new generation, self-assembled nanodots that are at the core of several of their patented innovations.

These nano- crystals are uniform in size, 2 nanometers in diameter, and consist of bioorganic peptide molecules. They possess multi-functional intrinsic properties such as: unique fluorescence within the visible region; electrochemical, charge trapping, piezoelectric, nonlinear optical and others.

CEO of StoreDot Doron Myersdorf said that instead of  trying to improve the capacity of the battery itself, they redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it can charge rapidly. The tradeoff for this speed is that the overall battery life is shorter— lasting about five hours. A fair trade off if it means that you get a fully charged phone in least amount of time.

At a cost of $50, more than the average smartphone battery, it is not a high price to pay for luxury of convenience .  The big advantage to StoreDot is that their device works with the handsets currently on the market, but the long term disadvantage is that smartphone manufacturers could easily make “some modifications” to their devices and take advantage of this amazing technology.