Pluggage,Choose Your Own Features

Although it is yet to hit the market, we are already in love with this beautifully made luggage by Delsey. Two years in the making Pluggage, is a self sufficient pulley bag that weighs itself, charges phones and forecasts the weather- making it the perfect travelling partner.

Whats makes the Delsey product great is that they are creating it with the consumer in mind, something that usually lacks in technology. We love that they have given the consumer the power to choose which features should be included in the final design. Choices are:

(1) Auto weight

(2) Instant Battery reload

(3) On-board detection

(4) Inside Lighting system

(5) Flight Info

(6) Fingerprint ID

(7) Check Lock

(8) Weather Forecast

(9) Inside Speaker

(10) Trip Info

Can I be a total diva and ask for them all? They cannot give us such great choices and then ask us to choose so few. It’s like asking Tim Cook to choose an iPad or an iPhone.

Want to be part of the process? Well you can make your selection at Pluggage but do remember to share your choices below . So what features would we choose, well…