Meme, The New Sheriff In Tech Town

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

There is a new sheriff in town called Meme. It is a Japanese spectacle made by JINS that is giving Google Glass a run for their money. What I love about these glasses is that they look like normal everyday glasses, the only difference is that they have smart technology built in.

JINS have got it right. Why? Because for a wearable to be fashionable it should not make the wearer stand out (for all the wrong reasons), instead when worn one should be able to do so with discretion, a memo that Google Glass unfortunately did not get. Consumers do not want people to know that they are wearing an expensive piece of technology.

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Meme glasses have electrooculography (EOG) sensors that are built into the nose pads and bridge and can detect your eye movements and actions whilst monitoring head movement via the built in gyroscope and accelerometer. The smart eye wear spectacles use bio-sensing technology to detect tiny changes in eye and body movements so you can monitor your body for better safety, wellness and health. As for aesthetics Jins came up with 3 different models and aim to be available in the US in 2015.

Jins Meme

Developed following nearly five years of research with leading academics and doctors in Japan, sensors in JINS MEME capture information from your body to encourage better health, safety and wellness actions via the companion JINS MEME app for iOS and Android

I think with Meme looking so promising, I predict that Google Glass hype will come to an end.

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