The Digital Apron String Of The Future

ambygear watchSay hello to AmbyGEAR’s new baby, the Smart Watch created for fashionable kids.

Founded in 2013, Ambygear specialises in designing and developing IoT and Wearable technology. Their latest creation is all about keeping kids stylishly decked in the latest child friendly wearable whilst also giving parents peace of mind. AmbyGEAR are bringing to market a wearable that will keep kids safe through push messaging, boundary alerts and GPS location.

Let’s break it down, the pros for parents are that the watch has a built in GPS that links to a ‘Find Me’ app that can be downloaded on an IOS or android phone. This clever app will alert of the distance and location of your little terror without you having to be intrusive on their personal space. Another plus is the GEO fence, which will alert you if your child steps foot in what you deem an ‘undesirable’ neighbourhood. Let’s not forget, the watch is tamper proof, should anyone try to forcibly change its settings you will be alerted immediately.

ambygear watches

That all being said, the AmbyGEAR smart watch for kids isn’t all about the parents, the needs of the little ones have also been taken into account. For example, the watch comes in a small size, it has kid friendly interface/applications, it is water resistant, shock proof, has 7 days battery life, educational games (that parents can control should they choose too) and the kids can customise their watch straps- cool!

The AmbyGEAR Smart watch will allow you to always be connected to your kid(s) even if there is no network coverage. What we love the most is that this is a wearable tech that makes us stand up and take notice. Its more about what we need rather than what we want, making it the digital apron string of the future.

AmbyGEAR have not yet announced the watch’s price or launch date, but you can pre-order HERE.

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