A Smart Home With Full Remote Presence

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Why do we want Branto in our smart life? A smart home with full remote presence. If it’s for a higher level of security we are set with Branto. With it’s Google-Like two-factor authentication and strong encryption for stored and transferred data, the hub can definitely make things more secure. Also, when someone is watching or listening through Branto it will  characteristically switch on it’s non-disconnectable LED. No more storing data in the cloud even. Brent provides security, 360 vision, communication and control of your home devices when you’re at home and away.



 Ever experience any of the following scenarios?

  • Worrying about home protection when you’re at work or on vacation
  • A rambunctious kid (or pet) that you like to keep an eye on
  • Immobile webcams that give you one boring view
  • Slow-acting climate control systems that leave you cold in the winter and hot in the summer
  • Wireless speakers that have a limited range or dismal sound quality
  • Lost remote controls (oops!)
  • The need for a virtual assistant that acts as the eyes, ears and brains of your home


Save 40% off retail! One beautiful Branto in classic design (silver bottom and black dome). A single device is perfect for a personal or general home use. Includes free mobile app. *Free shipping in the USA, Canada and China, add $30 everywhere else- see our note about international purchases. *Please add additional $19 to upgrade internal memory chip to 32 Gb and $39 to enhance memory to 64 Gb.


Branto’s on it! Learn more by visiting KICKSTARTER. You can FUND IT here.

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