Dear Fashion, Hello Technology

Dear Fashion, Hello Technology,

Who would have guessed that you Fashion, and you Technology will one day come together and begin to create beautiful things.

Not only have you introduced me to a bra that can monitor my heart rate and gloves that can control the music I listen too, you have gone all out  and renewed my love for handbags. How can I not adore a bag  that seamlessly fuses luxury and technology with a built-in USB so I can charge my beloved Samsung Note. 

With all these wonderful developments of super stylish and tech infused must haves, I now know what I want for Christmas. Mum and Dad, make mine a made-in-Italy handcrafted smooth calf skin 
Ralph Lauren Black Ricky Bagwith an LED light and a USB. Boyfriend, I want two Victoria’s Secret sport bras with hidden electrodes that will monitor my heart and siblings GoGlove is the way to go.  They are the first ever bluetooth gloves with airtap technology that will allow me to control all my favorite music apps, including iTunes, Pandora, Google Play and Spotify and also play/pause, take pictures, capture video, or just pump up the volume without ever touching my device- perfect!

In a world where tech is the new black, I truly appreciate how technology has become more than just receiving the latest iPhone or iPad. I am excited that 2015 promises to be the year of the future-to-come, and dearest Fashion and beautiful Technology, continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Your faithful fan in Louboutins,


muchaneta black and white