Monday, August 21, 2017

Tag: Celeb

Anouk Wipprecht | Fergie

  Black Eyed Peas Fergie performing at the superbowl in a Anouk van Wipprecht

Alexandre Vauthier | Rihanna

Alexandre Vauthier this futuristic outfit featuring more than 50-lasers adorned by international popstar Rihanna

Google Glass | Sarah Jessica Parker

"It's Glass not Glasses" says Google about their celebrity drive wearable tech device.

Cute Circuit | Nicole Scherzinger

Popstar Nicole Scherzinger red carpet choice was this haute couture digital Twitter-dress designed by interactive fashion agency CuteCircuit who have been pushing the boundaries...
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Investing in Fashion With A ‘Conscious’

We are unafraid to admit we are part of a cult, a cult that is loving H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection. It is a range that...
NRG Greenest Sneakers

The Greenest Sneakers Made From Recycled Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Since carbon capture technologies became feasible and affordable, scientists and environmentalists have been working to figure out what to do with all that carbon...’s Sustainable Label Ekocycle Upcycles Using Recycled Materials is at it again. This is a man on a mission. This time it is all about sustainability. Putting down his wearable hat, for the...



Linda Worbin, The Creator Of Smart Textiles


Kassim Denim x Neue Labs: The World’s First Connected Jeans

Denim artisans Kassim, took center stage at Denim Premiere Vision in Paris this week. They were among the cherry picked brands exhibiting at the denim...

Knitwear Using Technology to Disrupt Fashion

The world of Unmade is where old-fashioned knitting meets cutting-edge technology. Founded by Royal College of Art graduates, Ben Alun-Jones, Hal Watts and Kirsty Emery,...


With The Retail Tech Space Showing So Much Potential, How did Fail?

If you type in, you are instantly redirected to Farfetch. Did you know that? I did not. Curious to why, I did some...

3D Fashion: 3D Body Scanning Meets Real Apparel World

Yesterday, Fung Global & Retail Tech published a good review of the 3D-scanning companies, whose technology can be used to scan fashion retail customers...

Disrupting Retail Technology and Fashion Technology

"The Overuse of the Word #FashionTech Is Taking Away its Meaning & Eradicating The Artistry" -Muchaneta K 2015 was the year that defined Fashion Tech(nology)...


Your Mind At Ease With Bellabeat’s Fashionable Leaf Urban

We recently wrote an article on the Next Generation Wearables that Liberate and Master the Mind, and continuing on this thread we would like to...

In Her Own Words: NATALIE MASSENET [Women In Tech Series]

On the run up to Women's Day on the 8th March, we are paying homage to 7 women who have made a name for...

Getting To Know Kristina Dimitrova

We were excited when Kristina Dimitrova accepted our invitation to be interviewed for FashNerd's  Q&A. As founder/CEO of Interlaced we looked forward to hearing what she...


Autonomous Flying Cars

The Future of Transport: Autonomous Cars & Autonomous Flying Cars

Transportation has evolved drastically in the last decade. Autonomous cars, which existed only in science fiction movies, might just be around the corner. With...

This Stretchable ‘Octopus-like’ Skin Senses Touch

A research team of Cornell University graduate students, under the supervision of Rob Shepherd, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, have developed a stretchable luminescent...
Smart Fabrics

Smart Fabrics Technology, Don’t Believe The Hype (Just Yet)

Earlier this year, at the Wearable Technology Show in London, I met Jan Zimmermann, head of textile innovation with Swiss textile company Forster Rohner. Part...