ZEEQ, The Anti-snoring Smart Pillow That Streams Music and Tracks Your Sleep

Meet ZEEQ, the smart pillow designed with a snore alarm, music player and a way of monitoring and analysing your sleep.,

With many intelligent accessories now available for the smart home, the Amazon Echo is no longer the only must-have device; there are now other tech favourites like the ZEEQ smart pillow.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

ZEEQ Smart Pillow, A Comfy Addition to our Smart Home

As a proud owner of ZEEQ, I am excited to share that my experience so far has led to me parting ways with my two John Lewis pillows. It was an inevitable divorce that started when I unboxed the smart pillow. The first thing I noticed was how ZEEQ resembles the kind of luxury that you can only afford past the age of 30- plush, white and big. Then, as I took a closer look, I also noticed a small remote control, that housed the smart technology, discreetly tucked away in the corner of the pillow.

After a thorough inspection, I decided to download the app so I can get this bad boy working. Getting the app was easy, but connecting it to the pillow proved to be a little bit more tricky. It took me more than a few moments longer than it should have to get it going but once I was connected, I was able to find out why this device had a reputation for being ‘the’ most super comfy, smart pillow.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

After a few days of sleeping on ZEEQ, I most enjoyed the pillow’s ability to play my music while I snoozed. What my partner loved most about the ZEEQ smart pillow was its ability to monitor and react to my delicate snoring. Designed to not wake you up in the process, the EEQ Pillow’s snore alarm uses a built-in microphone with decibel sensitivity to hear snoring and responds by gently vibrating the pillow to encourage the user to change positions.

“What my partner loved most about the ZEEQ smart pillow was its ability to monitor and react to my delicate snoring.”

Aesthetically, the ZEEQ pillow brags an outer foam shell and removable memory foam clusters – so you can adjust your comfort!.The accompanying Tencel wood-based fibre pillowcase naturally inhibits bacteria and is removable and washable. ZEEQ’s battery lasts for a whole two weeks; you can charge it quite easily via a micro USB which is supplied.

As I got to know my ZEEQ, it was a lovely surprise to find out that my new sleeping companion is friends with home automation assistant Alexa. This means that you can ask Alexa questions like; What was my sleep score from last night? How long did I sleep previous night? How loudly did I snore last night? And What is my current battery status?

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

If you are ready for a ZEEQ upgrade, then you should take advantage of the
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