‘Fossil Firsts’, Reinventing The Smart Watch And The Watch Industry

Introducing ‘Fossil Firsts' campaign highlighting a new collection of Hybrid and Touchscreen Smartwatches.

Fossil has been busy reinventing the watch and the watch industry. Showing us the kind of work ethic usually witnessed in a fashion intern who has her eye on the editor position, the watch company has not been shy about launching more smart watches than we can shake a stick at.

Fossil Firsts

In their latest campaign, titled ‘Fossil Firsts’, Fossil is highlighting a new collection of Hybrid and Touchscreen Smartwatches with the help of actress Kristen Bell, actor and musician Leslie Odom Jr., Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, and singer Austin Mahone. As part of the story, each celeb tells intimate stories of personal and professional milestones shared with their first Fossil.

Fossil Firsts
Musician Leslie Odom Jr. and singer Austin Mahone

The campaign taps into the nostalgia and memories associated with one’s first Fossil watch, whilst also celebrating the inevitable change that the watch industry is going through. Focusing on innovative style and technology, Fossil’s overall aim is to reinvent the watch for a new generation of fans.

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“We know that this is a pivotal moment in the watch industry, and Fossil is leading the revolution to reinvent the traditional watch through the innovative design and technology found in our Hybrid Smartwatches,” said Jill Elliott, Chief Creative Officer. “Your first watch was likely a Fossil watch, but as customer behaviors and preferences have evolved, so have we. Our ability to merge fashion and design with emerging technologies to make us the perfect choice to be our customer’s first smartwatch.”

Fossil Firsts
Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, and actress Kirstin Bell

Encouraging wearers to make new memories, the campaign will run throughout the remainder of 2017. It will feature all of the latest updates in the Fossil smartwatch collection for both men and women: Q Accomplice, Q Activist, Q Venture and Q Explorist. The hybrid smartwatches will launch in the summer and new touchscreen devices powered by Android Wear™ throughout the fall and holiday.

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