THE GUIDE: All I Want For Christmas…

This holiday season,'s tech gift guide is less about buying the latest iPad covers and is more about the convenience of shopping tech as you read and what the fashion tech insiders really want for Christmas!

With valuable input from the voices of fashion and technology, like Billie Whitehouse, Madison Maxey and Sylvia Heisel, has launched a Christmas shoppable tech guide that promotes the convenience of shopping tech as you read. It is the second issue, following the launch of the first, Tech and the City back in 2015, which reached over 20k views in a few weeks. It was this positive response that encouraged us to do it again.

All I Want For Christmas...

The genetic makeup of the THE GUIDE was built on the need to create a shopping experience that was both convenient and easy. It is all about giving access to the consumer so they can not only be able to purchase wearable technology but also be educated about it.

“There is currently nothing out there offering you the convenience of shopping functional and fashionable technology as you read.”

As one of the first shoppable tech guides, it is not only aimed at early adopters but also to the everyday consumer curious about the sometimes elusive world of fashion and technology. Launching with Adobe Spark (formerly Slate), has successfully translated technology with a fashion voice and made it easier for consumers to ‘see and buy’ directly from THE GUIDE.


This holiday season, THE GUIDE wanted to not only bring product to the attention of the mainstream consumer, it also wanted to introduce the game changers, influencers, designers, makers and pioneers. We have featured the likes of Maddy Maxey of Loomia, Candice Fraggis of, Aniela Hoitink of Neffa, Matt Drinkwater of FIA, Kenya Wiley of Fashion Innovation Alliance, Rose Wilson founder of the O, Frederik Hermann of Huami, Tatjana Bartakovic of Baggizmo, Olivia Pinnock of Fashion debates, Amanda Cosco of Electric Runway, Cristina Quitania founder of reFashion, Giusy Cannone of Fashion Tech Accelerator SRL Milan, Billie Whitehouse founder of Wearable Experiments, Sylvia Heisel of Heisel, Panos Sofianos of Munich Fabric Start, Sissi Johnson Tech advisor, Marina Toeters founder of by-wire, Amy Winters founder of Rainbow Winters and Kristin Neidlinger of Sensoree.They are not only the voices of the merge between Fashion and Technology, they are also 21 of the hottest innovators in the fashion tech space.

One of the WearableTechStylist edits featured in THE GUIDE 2016

On the concept, founding editor-in-chief Muchaneta Kapfunde shared, “There is currently nothing out there like THE GUIDE. We have started the conversation of what tech to buy this holiday season by offering readers the convenience of shopping functional and fashionable technology as they read.” She continues,“When it comes to content, it was great involving the fashion tech community. Working together with them, we learned which fashion tech products are most coveted in 2016.” Co-founder of Managing Editor Mano ten Napel added, “We almost forget that for wide adoption to take places, consumers need to be assisted in trying to imagine how technology can be of added value. Hopefully THE GUIDE will make them comfortable enough to embrace technology whilst being educated and informed of products in plain language.”

As the merge of Fashion and Technology promises to compliment our wardrobe favourites, the question now is are you more Maddy Maxey or Billie Whitehouse? SHOP THE GUIDE to find out.

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