LFW: Lyst Brings Humannequins and AR to Fashion Week

This season at London Fashion Week, Lyst uses the latest technology to strip fashion down to its bare buttocks.

If you cast your mind back to LFW in 2010, you might remember wig designer to Lady Gaga Charlie Le Mindu shocking his FROW with nude models wearing nothing but Barbie pink shoes, over-the-top hats and his famous wigs. True nudity is nothing new in fashion, but usually it is tastefully done. Now fast forward to 2016 and nudity has taken centre stage again.

Wig designer Charlie Le nude models
Wig designer Charlie Le nude models

Promising to be more than just a publicity stunt, online retailer Lyst bravely decided to showcase a different kind of Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition. Using ‘humannequins’, that included Made in Chelsea reality star Spencer Matthews, the exhibition allowed the viewing audience the opportunity to dress naked models (wearing nude underwear) in virtual representations of London’s latest fashion trends using tablets and smartphones. In order to make it work, Lyst used 360 photography to shoot the clothes from every angle. On this out of the box decision, Christian Woolfenden, Lyst CMO, shared, “We thought it would be fascinating to look at what lies in store — quite literally — for us all in the coming years.” 


Partnering up with M, a company that has worked with many recognisable brands, political leaders and organisations to create experiences, innovations and movements of real consequence, Lyst was able to manipulate, recreate and take a “radically different” approach using AR technology.

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Completed in just 6 weeks, the focus was definitely more on quality rather the more common approach of low-cost production. On the importance of this approach Callum Reid of M said, “In order to make AR a consumer experience that will catch on, it will have to be able to more realistic representations of things like sports and news”.


Blurring the line between online and offline shopping, it was good to see Lyst getting a positive response from the general public. On this Rory Scott, vice president of communications at Lyst shared, “Thanks to virtual reality, augmented reality has gotten a boost so people are expecting more from virtual reality.” Reid continues “It’s where the future will go because it’s so fundamentally human-centric.”


Well Lyst are certainly not alone when it comes to dipping their toe into the world of AR this fashion season. They have been joined by the likes of Danish designer Martine Jarlgaard who recently hosted a different kind of fashion show. Jarlgaard gave attendees the opportunity to view her collection through Microsoft Hololens headsets, an experience that the team at FashNerd had the pleasure of experiencing. So as LFW rolls on, we wonder what other tech delights we will get to indulge in this fashion week season, plenty more we hope.

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