Meet Josh, The Smart AI For Your Home

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Josh is a connected voice activated home device designed for the high end market. I must admit I quite like the sound of a smart home device called ‘Josh’, it somehow sounds quite inviting.

Josh’s goal is to make our homes “more connected” using the kind of artificial intelligence that will give us a different way of living in our home. Wireless and easy to control, Josh allows you to automate your home from anywhere using iOS, Android or the web.


With the know how to create a symphony of efficiency in your home, Josh is a reliable smart device designed to create peace of mind through learning. This means that it can learn to recognize anomalies and be able to let you know if you have forgotten something and also make sure the doors get locked when no one is home.

So how is Josh different from Amazon Echo? Well the Amazon Echo is a stationary device you place in a room and speak to by saying “Alexa” or “Amazon”. It’s great at delivering the news or ordering products off Amazon, but it doesn’t have a visual feedback mechanism and it doesn’t easily scale to large homes. Josh, on the other hand, is a verbal and visual platform you can access from your phone or tablet, from any room in your home, or anywhere in the world. Unlike Amazon’s product, which is always listening to you, with Josh we give you the option to choose and control when Josh listens so you feel safe and protected.

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On the what makes it different from other smart home devices on the market, the Josh team stated: “Josh gives you control over all the smart things in your home. Using your voice on one of our apps, Josh makes it easy to turn on and off all your lights, change the temperature, play music, and more, whether or not you’re home. Unlike other devices that require specific ways of speaking or typing a command, Josh is built to understand natural language in a much more flexible way.”

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Should you be one of the lucky 100 who gets one in 2016, all you then have to do is connect to the app so you can control changes even whilst you are away from home. What we love most about Josh is that it does not posses the robotic voice that we have all gotten used too when conversing with our technological devices. Josh instead adopted a more laid back ‘natural’ voice that comes across casual and friendly.

With features that include being able to control your lights, set the climate, configure scenes and automate have you been seduced by Josh yet? I am confident that he could be a wonderful addition to your life and if you prefer a Suzy or Peter than you can take comfort in the fact that Josh’s name can be changed to whatever you fancy.


On that note do be aware that the first 100 reservations will ship in 2016. You can reserve for early pricing with a 50% deposit. There is 100% risk free refund guarantee. There is no hard wiring or elaborate installation. Josh offers free 2 years of cloud support, free iOS & Android apps and personalized support service. If you would like to contact Josh directly you can by emailing:

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