Ida Klamborn, Using Tech To Democratize World of Fashion

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Ida Klamborn is using technology to democratize the world of fashion by replacing her FROW celebrities with robots.

The name Ida Klamborn might not ring any bells to many, but this Swedish designer is about to change all that by entwining the VR technology to give global youth unprecedented access to her runway show.

Ida Klamborn
Ida Klamborn

Unbeknownst to some, Stockholm’s Fashion Week is in full swing and it is today, on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, that Klamborn collaboration with Tele2 will democratize the world of fashion by reaching out to you wherever you are, whoever you are.

The partnership’s, known as the ‘The Democratic Front Row’, grass roots are centred around the Klamborn’s real source of inspiration, today’s youth. The live broadcast 360 VR experience will allow global access directly on your mobile. The Democratic Front Row objective is to not only give you a FROW seat but to also allow your opinion on the collection to be heard.

Meet The Robots
Meet The Robots

This has been all made possible by 3 robots constructed out of wood and frosted acrylic glass. Symbolizing the young fans, the bots will be equipped with cutting edge virtual reality cameras streaming the show live from the best seats on the front row. Working through the app “Front Row” you can download, it allows the viewers to press “like” when watching the show live and then the robot installation will light up more intensely expressing the fans reactions instantly.

The nominated designer of the year by Swedish ELLE Magazine, Klamborn is looking to “break the traditional structures” by inviting her young fans, who seldom have the opportunity to be part of the fashion world. Klamborn is not the first designer to use technology to power their shows and increase their consumer engagement, there has been others like Rebecca Minkoff whose AW15 runway was filmed by a VR camera which gave her customers access to the show.  Although I am loving that it is happening more and more, I do also hope that designers are not using technology as a headlining grabbing stunt. It would be inspiring to know that there are designers out there unafraid to break new ground and make their FROW accessible to everyone, even if it means the Kim K’s of the world are downgraded to the second row.

To take your FROW seat to Ida Klamborn’s show, all you have to do is download the Front Row app. By doing so you will be able to take part in the show. If you are one of the lucky ones, and you have managed to grab the cardboard box then you can use it as a pair of VR glasses, allowing you to take part in the runway in virtual reality. Remember you can take part in the show with or without the box. Download the Front Row app at the ITUNES  or GOOGLE PLAY prior to the show. The runway will be live at 17.15 CET on 3rd February 2016. Enjoy!


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SOURCEImage Credit: The Democratic Front Row