IKEA Avengers Assemble A Smart Home

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

One of the world’s biggest furniture retailers, Ikea, have thrown their hat into the technology arena. The Ikea smart home is proving to be all the rage, as they announce that they will be introducing a new range of furniture that features integrated charging.

ikea smart home

Perfect for forward thinking interior loving urbanites, Ikea has grasped the current trend to make homes smarter, by releasing a collection that includes core pieces such as bedside tables, side tables and work lamps with built in wireless charging spots. If you do not want to replace your precious avant-garde pieces with Ikea, no problem, you can instead purchase a selection of pads that can be added to your existing home furniture.

The range is supported by the Qi standard, which means that it is compatible with an iPhone and a selection of Samsung’s handsets. Starting from £30 RRP, Ikea’s advanced furniture will be available in the UK and US stores from mid-April 2015. Convenient, accessible and affordable, now everyone can ‘keep up with the Jones’ in a future smart home that complements modern life.

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