Is GoBe some “Peter Venkman Bullshit” ?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Imagine, a wearable watch that will count your calories so you don’t have too. Amazing right? Well many wonder whether this miracle calorie counting watch is really full of good intentions or whether there is some skullduggery afoot?


For those not in the know, HealBe GoBe was started by Russian entrepreneurs who wanted to show us “the only way to automatically measure calorie intake”. They confidently sold us a dream device that promised to count the number of calories we have consumed throughout the day by reading our blood glucose levels. With this promise they managed to successfully raise a million dollars for their venture through popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo – which is no small feat.

With a previous launch date of July 2014, it was not until February 2015 that GoBe was confident enough to allow their prototype to be trialed by interested tech journalists.


Offering a month with the device, it did not take long for many tech journalists to find out that GoBe was delivering nothing. The device did not do what it said it would do. It didn’t even tell the time. So what was the point of its existence? With many journalists disappointed in GoBe, I felt like saying Google Glass wasn’t such a failure, this is what you call a failure.

So the question is what now? Is this the end of HealBe GoBe? We refuse to be part of a tech witch hunt, because we understand that when it comes to designing technology devices it can sometimes take one, two or even three tries before getting it right. The key thing is to try and sadly GoBe you are proving that you are not the little engine that could.

Lastly, after they confidently said the words one day — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon we will deliver a handy device that is capable of measuring calories through our wrist.  In response to that we think  James Robinson put it best when he said: GoBe is “some straight Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman bullshit”  (reported on Pando)