1 Minute ReadTizen Overcasts Google

samsung z1For those of you who cannot justify the price of the popular high end smart phones, Samsung has released a cheaper phone to tempt the masses.

Boasting a 1.2GHz dual core processor (this makes the phone run faster), 3.1 megapixel rear facing camera ( 3.1 is the resolution of the photos you take- bear in mind that the current iphone/samsung phones are about 8.0 megapixel) and 1,500Ah battery ( offers good long talk and standby times).

What sets this phone apart from the rest of Samsung’s mobile lineup is the the Tizen operating system. The Samsung Z1 is the first smartphone to feature Samsung’s homegrown operating system.  That being said, Tizen is still a young OS, giving buyers hope that it can only improve going forward.

Spearheaded by both Samsung and Intel, the Z1 promises to embrace an open operating system that can be customized to better serve their customers.

Created for the Indian market, the Tizen powered smartphone is being positioned by Samsung as an entertainment device. Priced at very friendly price of 5,700 rupees ($90USD/ £60GBP) Hyun Chil Hong, CEO of Samsung, “We have customized the Samsung Z1 to meet these unique, entertainmen- focused needs of local indian consumers for a personal and reliable mobile experience”. 

For the Samsung fans who are excited about the latest offering from the mobile giant, you will be happy to know that a  free entertainment package will also be included. The Joy Box will give you access to music, movies and TV programs.